Leda W.


Leda Wright

2014 Winner

Murray, UT
Nominated by Susan Gregory

Volunteered for:

Heritage Center

Length of Service:

25 hours per month for 10 years

February 11, 2014

Leda Wright started coming to the Heritage Senior Center 10 years ago when a friend asked her to come for lunch. She saw the Heritage Center ceramic program and was hooked. But it wasn't long before she was coming more as a volunteer than a participant.
Leda has helped in many capacities at the Heritage Center from Advisory Board Chair, Fundraising Committee Volunteer, Craft Instructor, Cook, Trip Escort, and Master Gardner.
One of her passions is flowers and she has transformed the backyard at the Heritage Center into a beautiful setting where people can relax and enjoy the ambiance. One of her jobs is to take care of the flowers in the back yard patio area of the building. The backyard area is not a small job, actually one that could be done by a dozen people, but we don't have a dozen people, so Leda and her husband take care of planting, weeding, and general maintenance of the planted areas. She brings plant starts from her home and, except for a few winter months, she makes sure that something is constantly blooming. The backyard is beautiful and can be seen from most areas of the Center.
Leda is a favorite escort on Heritage Center trips. She makes everyone who comes feels welcome, especially newcomers. A couple times each year the Center takes overnight trips and on more than one of the overnight trips, Leda has had to take care of sick participants, sprains, broken bones, and on one occasion had to entertain 50 bus passengers for over 2 hours when the bus broke down and the group was stranded on the freeway. Instead of panicking or reacting unfavorably to the situation, Leda calmly explained the situation then kept participants occupied with games and activities while the bus was repaired.
Leda also assists with a weekly craft program. One of the wonderful programs launched from the craft group was donating hats to the homeless. After showing someone how to make a hat using a loom, Leda and the craft group decided to make hats and donate them to the homeless shelter. The first year they made approximately 100 hats. Over a few years, the idea spread and now the Heritage Center has many volunteers donating their yarn and hats each year. Last year over 1,200 hats were donated to the homeless shelter and organizations in need.
Leda has also been responsible for making sure the Center has a handmade quilt for fund-raising projects every year. Quilt raffles have raised $6500 for Center projects in the past 10 years. It didn't stop Leda that she didn't know how to quilt when she took on the assignment; she just took it upon herself to learn how to quilt and rounded up friends to help her get the job done. Once she learned to quilt, she joined an outside group of quilters and they donate 1-2 quilts a year for Center raffles.
The Center wouldn't be the same without the wonderful enthusiasm, leadership, and compassion that Leda Wright has brought to the Heritage Center during the past 10 years.
Leda will be honored this year at the annual Heritage Center volunteer banquet for donating 2,000 hours of service. We love you Leda!

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