Joseph F.

Miami Shores, FL
Nominated by Kathy Rubio

Volunteered for:

St. Rose of Lima School

Length of Service:

80+ hours per month for 24 years

February 24, 2014

Joe Frechette began volunteering at St. Rose of Lima in the Physical Education Department in 1991 after retiring as the Director of Public Safety at the University of Miami. Joe's children had attended St. Rose and several of his grandchildren were students at St. Rose at the time. He has always been physically active, and enjoyed playing many sports throughout his life.
Volunteering as the Teacher's Aide in the Physical Education Department and an Assistant Coach in the Athletic Department proved to be a perfect fit for both him and the programs. He has a love of sports and children that is the perfect combination for success in those positions.
Joe volunteers as the Teacher's Aide for all of the morning classes every day. Depending on the day's schedule, he assists with up to 95 students, five days a week. After school, Joe has assisted the Boys Basketball coaches and is the official scorekeeper for all home basketball games, both Junior Varsity and Varsity, and Boys and Girls teams. Joe's 23 years of volunteer service to St. Rose of Lima has assisted six Physical Education Teachers and many, many coaches!
St. Rose is so grateful to have the volunteer services of such an amazing man. Joe guest lectures the 8th grade Social Studies classes during their studies of the World War II Era. The detailed recollections of his service to our country as a young pilot shot down over Nazi Germany, and his imprisonment as a P.O.W. have captivated the students.
The Physical Education Department benefits from Joe's service in countless ways. He is a fantastic example of the advantages of living a healthy, active lifestyle. To this day, he exercises daily. The students regularly report seeing him during his afternoon walking course around the neighborhood. He contributes to the Health lectures about the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, such as avoiding the use of alcohol and tobacco products. His career as an FBI Special Agent informs his lectures and keeps the students entranced!
Joe makes a difference in the lives of the students daily. On one occasion, a young girl who had recently lost her father to sudden death was having a bad morning and did not want to participate in the morning cardio run. Joe encouraged her to do the best she could, because he thought that she was a good athlete and the run might make her feel better. She did her run and struggled, but did not give up. As she crossed the finish line, she burst into tears and ran over to Joe and gave him a long hug. All she said was, "Thank You."
I have had the privilege of working with Joe as my assistant for seven years now. I regularly tell him that I would be honored to be HIS assistant, since his lifetime of experience and knowledge is humbling. I am proud to nominate him in the Salute to Senior Service.

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